Data & Dialogue About the Nevada Economy


As Nevada prepares to celebrate its 150th year as a state, we are very pleased to announce that The Stat Pack will now feature data and dialogue about the Southern and Northern Nevada economies.   As a result of a collaboration with the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada (EDAWN), we have expanded the scope of our graphs and stories to provide our readers with the most comprehensive business and economic intelligence for Nevada decision makers.  We have also taken this opportunity to re-design the site to be more user-friendly.  These changes will allow us to update data and add new content much more frequently.  Please let us know how you like the changes and what else you feel we should include. 

As we unveil this exciting new version of The Stat Pack, we are pleased to note that Nevada’s economic recovery continues.  This is evidenced not only by the data and indicators we track and report to you, but also by the visual evidence of new projects and business expansion that we witness throughout the state.

Speaking of expansion, we have re-designed The Stat Pack to make it even more useful to the Nevada decision maker.  In addition to data and dialogue about both the Southern and Northern Nevada economies, we have also added information about the national economy and our To The Point column continues to report on a variety of economic issues that you may not have yet seen.

When we started this project a year ago, our goal was to become your indispensable source of economic and business information.  We never dreamed that it would become as popular as it has with a distribution list that numbers more than 6,000 Nevada, regional, and national decision makers. Now more than ever, we need your feedback on our work so that we may continue to improve and become even more relevant to you and your organization.  Please let us know what else you would like to see in The Stat Pack by emailing Mike PeQueen at or John Restrepo at

Thanks to our collaborator, the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada, for their contributions to The Stat Pack.